Sweet Wedding Tips: Episode 5 | What to ask your vendors

Orlando Wedding Planner Priscilla Rose of Priscilla Rose Events shares her tips for keeping all of your valuable items safe for a destination wedding or proposal!

Here are some great questions to ask your vendors when booking:

  1. What package gives us the most value? Prioritize your wants vs. budget. Be ready to compromise.
  2. Ask for advice with an open mind. Remember, your vendors do this regularly. They most likely have experienced hundreds of weddings and will have great advice to share that will make your day go easier and your experience be amazing. Be open to their suggestions and realize that they have your best interests in mind. It may not be exactly the advice you’d like to hear, but it will probably make your wedding even better.
  3. What will you do for us to make our day easier? This allows them to share with you how they can make your day go more smoothly.

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