Sweet Wedding Tips: Episode 4 | Starting Your Day Right

Orlando Wedding Planner Priscilla Rose of Priscilla Rose Events shares her suggestions for starting your wedding day off right!

First, hydrate hydrate hydrate. Drink plenty of water. A good rule of thumb is to drink 2 glasses of water for every 1 glass of champagne or wine. Also, personalized water bottles make a great gift for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Second, have lots of healthy snacks like almonds, dried fruit, trail mix, and protein bars handy to stave off food cravings. Remember, you may not be eating until much later in the day and you don’t want to pass out during your Wedding Photography portrait session! Designate a family member or friend to keep snacks handy for you.

Enjoy the moment with some music and trust your vendors — they’ve got your back!

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