Sweet Wedding Tips: Episode 3 | First Look

Orlando Wedding Planner Priscilla Rose of Priscilla Rose Events talks about why you should consider a Wedding Photography First Look!

If you’re not familiar with a First Look, it’s an intimate moment between the bride and groom when they see each other for the first time on the wedding day before their ceremony. They are dressed to impress in their suit and dress. So why should you have a first look?

You look your best with a fresh face of makeup, and it ensures that you get great photos in case it starts to rain or gets too hot (and you get too sweaty!). For weddings in Orlando, Florida, that’s a strong possibility for both.

It also sets the tone of the day. Seeing your partner for the first time before things gets too crazy is relaxing and reassuring, calms your nerves, and allows you to have a special moment just between the two of you (and your photographers and videographers). It will allow you to really enjoy the rest of the day.

Your planner will coordinate with your photo/video team to make sure it all happens right on time! Have a great first look!

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