Sivan’s Adventure Film and Bat Mitzvah Video Orlando

When we met with Sivan and her awesome family to discuss her Bat Mitzvah video, they told us that they loved Hawaii and that she was a big fan of the Jumanji movies (especially Ruby Roundhouse, of course!). They also told us that she loved performing and expressed interest in collaborating on one of our one-of-a-kind Adventure Films. We loved the idea and pitched the story of a girl who must embark on a jungle quest to return a cursed idol to a mountain temple. They loved it and we got to work creating the script and scouting possible locations.

We are so lucky to live in Orlando where you can trek though the jungles of Hawaii (without leaving the state) at the lush tropical gardens at gorgeous Harry P Leu Gardens. We also found a mysterious temple right in the heart of Maitland at the Maitland Art Center. If you’ve never visited either place, you should definitely plan to spend an afternoon exploring both of these enchanting venues! We loved the finished film, as well as the lovely party planned by Laurie Portella of Bliss Events by Laurie Anne Campbell.

Sivan's Jungle Adventure Mitzvah Film from SugarPop Productions on Vimeo.

And what a party it was! Laurie created a tropical paradise in an intimate venue with the help of Raining Roses who never fail to amaze. Matt Zohler of Zohler-Sobel Entertainment rocked the party. Farida of Florida Candy Buffets created some tasty sweet treats. There was also some authentic Hawaiian hulu dancing to entertain Sivan’s friends and family. And we provided our own GifyPop Selfie Booth and created custom digital frames and backgrounds with our Greenscreen effect. Check out this super fun highlight of the party!

Sivan's Bat Mitzvah Video Highlight Orlando from SugarPop Productions on Vimeo.