It’s all in the details: 5 Must Have Wedding Photos!

Preparing for your big day can be quite stressful. To lessen some of that stress, we have prepared a list of MUST have photos for you during the wedding preparation, along with some tips for helping your photographer get the shots that you want. Every wedding day is special in it’s own way and may have other details to get photographed, but this is a list of traditional details every bride loves. Brian Bazala of SugarPop Films in Orlando, FL says, “We know a lot of thought and effort goes into finding and choosing all the details of your wedding, and we want to make sure we capture those so you can enjoy them forever, especially things like your flowers that won’t last long beyond the wedding day.”

1. The Dress– This is the first must have! We want the hard work of searching for this beauty to be immortalized! Every one of you fell in love with your dress and will cherish the pictures of it throughout your life. Our favorite shot is the wedding dress hanging against an appealing background. There are many other detail shots to get of the dress up close too! TIP: be sure to take your dress out of the bag and hang it up!

Wedding dress detail shots2. The Rings– Being the symbol of promise and love, a nice ring shot is another must have.  Sometimes using a significant object to prop them up on is a sweet touch. Your photographers are able to capture the crisp details in every bride & groom’s unique rings. TIP: have both of your rings in the same location and a designated person in charge of the rings for the day, eg: maid of honor, mother.

Wedding ring details3. The Bouquet– Every bride has their own hand picked bouquet that is special to them! You carry it around all day showing off what beautiful flowers you chose, and we want to capture this! And because flowers don’t last, your photographs are a way to enjoy them again and again as fresh as the day you carried them down the aisle. TIP: keep the flower stems in water until needed, but keep paper towels nearby to limit water spills.

Wedding flower details4. The Shoes– Most women are shoeaholics! We know you love your shoes. Shoe shopping for your big day is extra special because of the occasion you get to wear them for. We will photograph those elegant shoes you spent hours searching for! TIP: Have the shoes out of the box, unless its a fancy box you want photographed also.

Wedding shoe details5. The Jewelry– Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. We all have heard this before and its true! The jewelry you wear for the wedding can be very important because it makes a statement. We love capturing those sparkly detail shots with your earrings, necklace, and bracelets! TIP: get all necessary jewelry together in one spot. Take them out of the packaging, if necessary.

Wedding jewelry details

Final TIP: Designate a bridal party member to assist the photographer in gathering all these items to be photographed in an appropriate amount of time, and get the items back to the bride, that way nothing get misplaced.

Let your photographer know if there are any special stories behind any of these items. They may be able to incorporate it into a special photo for you!


We hope you find our list and tips helpful for your big day!  SP


Jennifer Winston for SugarPop Films