Devon & Patrick’s SugarPop Short Wedding Video

Fantastic wedding filmed at the beautiful Duncan House in Tavares, just outside Orlando, Florida.
Venue: The Duncan House

When planning my wedding someone asked me if I was going to do videography and my response was “no, just photography”.  As the conversation continued the woman said to me, “one of my favorite things about my wedding video is being able to see my loved ones who have since passed away, and be able to look back at where it all began”. I immediately called my now hubby to inform him we were hiring a videographer.

As we looked around we found people we liked but it wasn’t until Sugar Pop Films that I bawled my eyes out watching someone else’s wedding. I contacted Brian and we discussed the weddings activities and what our expectations were (I also informed Brian we wanted to hire him on the spot). Working with Brian was easy and fun. I love being able to watch my video and be reminded of the little moment or look I have since forgotten about. My husband and I plan to watch our video on our anniversary from this year forward as a tradition.

Sugar Pop Films is a wonderful vendor and I would highly recommend them. I’m a tech person, so I was pleasantly surprised when I was offered the option of receiving my video on a thumb drive. — Devon